Hi, I’m Jen.

I’m a full stack engineer with extensive experience in Javascript and Ruby
and a particular love for design and user experience.

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I’m currently a full-stack software engineer at Hint Health. Previously, I was Engineer #2 and a Product/QA Lead for the Customer Experience team at Gobble, where I was responsible for our public-facing marketing website, core customer-facing application, internal applications, and A/B growth initiatives.

I’m motivated by product design and real-world impact. I can (and have) spent hours ensuring my applications are pixel-perfect, and I especially enjoy turning ideas into reality.

In my spare time, I particularly enjoy creating solutions to problems that I personally have. For example, my first application was a restaurant recommendation engine, because I have always struggled with the question “what should I eat for dinner?” I’ve also recently contributed to a debugger tool to help other developers understand the protocols behind OAuth and OpenID Connect flows.

I believe in companies that encourage life outside of work, understand that thorough planning can save hours of programming, appreciate engineers with diverse backgrounds and skillsets, and value getting (sh)it done :) Bonus points if I can easily explain to my non-technical parents exactly what I do and why it’s important.

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Hustler. Hacker. Get Shit Done-r

I bring more than engineering to the table

My engineering skills are backed by extensive experience in marketing, account management, customer support, product development, and operations. I’ve worked in small businesses and startups (including my own) and led teams from three to twenty.

I'm all about the team

Because of the many hats that I have worn throughout my career, I am a team player who understands how my role can impact all other areas of the business. It’s not just about engineering; it’s about communication, teamwork, and a mutual passion to drive our product forward and faster.

I excel in the tech world

Four years ago, I relocated to pursue my dream of working for startups. I love being surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do and are driven to make an impact. I thrive on challenges and deadlines, am fanatical about the tiny details, and believe that thorough planning can save hours of programming.

I love what I do.

There is nothing I love more than checking things off a list, figuring out how to turn an idea into reality, and creating order out of chaos. I truly enjoy tackling every aspect of the application development, from planning and wireframing to prototyping and improving features. I’m not afraid to work hard, and I’m passionate about delivering results.

Julie Edge CEO and Co-Founder, Creelio
Jennifer Ong is one of those rare finds in the work world. She is incredibly organized and process oriented, and yet thrives in the chaos of Startupland. Jen wore many hats for Creelio from social media marketer to website coder to party planner and internal culture warrior. She is smart, savvy and dedicated. Jen can figure out anything thrown at her. She also brought out the best in her co-workers. Jen certainly helped me to be a more successful CEO.
Victoria Phan Product Manager, Magnifi Group
Jen is a prime example of the ideal manager. When I stepped into her role after she left Magnifi, all of her clients raved about how mature and confident she had been, and how she was always willing to go above and beyond to take care of them. She is organized, meticulous, extremely driven, and truly talented at making clients feel at ease. The amount of foresight with which she approaches any problem guarantees that you will hardly ever have to worry about what she may have missed. I wholeheartedly believe that her intense focus, ambition, and work ethic will lead her to accomplish great things in the future.
Spike Logan Content Strategist, Creelio
There’s nothing I can say about Jen that her work doesn’t already say for her, but I have no problem heaping extra praise on such a smart and innovative thinker. Jen is fueled by great ideas, pushing the boundaries of technological platforms, and getting results for her clients. Drive and talent: Jen has ample amounts of both.
Jennifer Yang, MD Board of Directors, The Triple Helix Inc.
I have seen Jen grow from being a staff writer to Chief Operating Officer of North America, and finally as Chief Executive Officer, where her vision and drive took the organization to the next level. Jen is very personable and approaches her duties with a great sense of humility, earning her the respect of chapter leaders, the international team, organization alumni, and Board of Director members. She is the kind of person who will see through a project while planning every step with impeccable detail and foresight. If she sees the potential for improvement, she will take the initiative to formulate a new plan. Jen is efficient, reliable, and pragmatic, both a team player and a strong leader.


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